Cute English Cocker Spaniel puppy sitting on artificial grass.

Will artificial grass smell?

Will artificial grass smell?The main concern customers have is will it withstand pet waste. If properly looked after your artificial [...]
A line of rolled up artificial grass we supply.

Weeds & artificial grass?

Will weeds grow through artificial grass?To fully protect you from weeds, we usually apply weed killer to the area prior [...]
Pet friendly artificial grass showing pit bull dog relaxing on artificial grass in garden.

Is artificial turf pet friendly?

Is artificial turf pet friendly?Absolutely yes! Artificial grass is soft and relaxing meaning your pet will have its paws up [...]
Overhead of woman wearing gray socks with black sandals and black jeans on faded artificial grass that was not UV protected.

Does artificial grass fade?

Does artificial grass fade?No, the majority of artificial grass is protected against sunlight and UV rays. Keeping its colour for [...]