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Is your paving ready for winter?

In our homes, we all know that when the days start to get slightly warmer, then we all look to getting our homes in order with a good spring clean. But have you ever thought about getting your paving ready for winter? By preparing it for the winter months, you could help 

avoid any injuries from ice and be more organised when the spring months come along! Here are a few handy hints from Bernie’s Gardening Services to help you prepare your paving for the cold weather…

  1. Paving winter ready Garden maintenance and patios Bernie's Gardening Services garden designer GuernseyFirstly, remove all your pot plants and garden furniture – storing them safely away in a shed or garage will not only help keep them safe from the elements, but will also give you a blank canvas for getting the ground cleaned up and ready for winter;
  2. Remove any weeds and moss in your paving – this will not only help reduce any damage freezing weather may have on your paving but also when wet, they can become very slippery so removing them will help avoid any nasty accidents;
  3. Sweep up any debris and leaves etc left on the ground;
  4. Jet wash your paving or use a paving cleaner to remove any dirt and marks – you’d be amazed at the difference this makes! 
  5. Replace any sand or mortar that may have been removed during the washing process.


By following these handy tips, we hope you will find getting your garden back to its summer best will be much easier and less time-consuming! 

If you would like any help and advice with upgrading your paving and patios in Guernsey, contact the Bernie’s Gardening Services team today and we will happily give you a free quote! 

Keep you eyes peeled for more handy hints and tips for keeping your gardens, patios and paving in top condition for the changing seasons.



5 Tips For Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance is perfect for this time of year. Summer is approaching! Is your garden looking horrible and messy? Contact Bernie’s Gardening Services and get started with your garden maintenance for the season! In the meantime, here are 5 things your garden will need if you haven’t maintained it in a while.

  1. Make a Composting Area – If you haven’t already done this, you should! now is a great time to do so! A composting area allows you to dispose of all your organic waste, once it has broken down, use it for your plants. Ensure to have a mix of grass, vegetable peelings, paper and small bits of wood i.e twigs and small branches.


5 Tips For Garden Maintenance compost bin


2. Get a Water Butt – This is to collect rainwater all year round. Collecting rainwater is a way to be environmentally friendly when your garden needs watering during these hot and sunny days approaching. Also this is the best type of water to use on your plants because tap water is slightly alkaline. Place the water butt underneath a down-pipe.

water butt 5 Tips For Garden Maintenance


3. Remove Garden Pests – Check your plants for any slugs, snails and ant colonies. Also, make sure last years pots are cleared and look for any white-vine weevil larvae which live in compost and feed on the roots of your plants. You can buy treatment for this type of pest, click here.


garden pest 5 Tips For Garden Maintenance


4. Tidy up Flower Beds – Remove any leaves, twigs and other debris. Also cut the old growth, clear the borders until the soil is clear from debris, put all the dead growth into a compost bin (if you have one) or just make a pile. Remove weeds and either throw them in your brown bin or burn them; do not put these in your compost pit as the seeds will sprout, this will cause you extra garden maintenance!


flower bed 5 Tips For Garden Maintenance


5.  Buy summer flowering bulbs and seeds – Flowers like lilies and gladioli is great for planting during the early-spring, but its still not too late! Make your garden colourful and full of life ready for the summer!


summer flowers 5 Tips For Garden Maintenance


Need garden maintenance services in Guernsey? Anything your garden needs, we can help. See more about our Garden Services.











Job Vacancy!

job vacancy Bernie's Gardening Services Guernsey labourerWe are pleased to say that we have a job vacancy available at Bernie’s Gardening Services which we think is an exciting opportunity for someone to join our team.

We are looking for an enthusiastic labourer to join their expanding team!

Our company works all over Guernsey, improving the gardens and outdoor spaces of the homes on the island, including laying patios, landscape design, fencing and much more. This is a great opportunity for someone to learn more about what goes into transforming someone’s garden and be part of a hard-working, much loved team.

A clean driving licence is required for the role.

If you have any questions or wish to apply, please email and join our team!



Guernsey Landscaping Design this summer!

Our team have been working hard throughout the summer transforming the gardens of Guernsey! Using their Garden design skills, they have created some magnificent gardens throughout the island, really showcasing our Guernsey landscaping design skills!

Take a look at some of the work we have created this summer below:


Guernsey-garden-design A newly laid patio with washing line incorporated into the lawn – a practical addition to this impressive space.
Guernsey landscaping design garden fencing Bernie's Gardening Services A stunning design with garden fencing fitted around the lawn area to separate it from the driveway.
Guernsey landscaping design garden patio Bernie's Gardening Services A multi-use patio to really relax on and enjoy. The quality materials we used, and always use, mean it will look this striking for many, many years.
Guernsey landscaping design garden patio Bernie's Gardening Services This design has incorporated a new lawn, patio and a border to grow flowers and plants – perfect for anyone green-fingered!
Guernsey landscaping design garden paving Bernie's Gardening Services A pathway designed and built to lead up to a raised patyio area.
Guernsey landscaping design garden pond Bernie's Gardening Services A pond in progress – this will soon become a focal point of this new garden.
Guernsey landscaping design curved garden wall Bernie's Gardening Services A stunning wall built to complement other work we were doing in this garden.
Guernsey landscaping design garden bench stepping stones Bernie's Gardening Services Stepping Stones make a quaint path so the homeowners can sit and enjoy their new garden.
Guernsey landscaping design patio slabs Bernie's Gardening ServicesA new patio matches the stepping stones and complements the new lawn.
Guernsey landscaping design patio and shrubbery Bernie's Gardening ServicesThe patio flows around the house, leading to new shrubbery.
Guernsey landscaping design patio washing line Bernie's Gardening ServicesA washing line built into the new patio, making the new area practical for the homeowner.
Guernsey landscaping design Bernie's Gardening Services side pathway and gateA secure side gate was fitted to seperate the front and back gardens.

If you are interested in our Guernsey landscaping design services, please get in touch and see what we can do to help! We can design your garden based around your needs and lifestyle. Our team have transformed gardens of all sizes and are passionate about transforming your outdoor space.

Take a look at what some of our satisfied customers have to say about the work we have completed for them – Bernie’s Gardening Services testimonials.


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